It can be tough for first-time home buyers

It can be tough for first-time home buyers
Due to the persisting inventory shortages numerous first-time home buyers are getting priced out of real estate market. The increase in home prices has reached to double digit percentages annually makes it even tougher.

Rising sales of properties did not change the market share for the first time buyers much during this pandemic. The figures of housing market share made by first-time home buyers have remained nearly same as previous year. The falling mortgage rates may have contributed to housing affordability. But the high home prices are posing a challenge to it. This can exert some financial pressure on first-time home buyers. The property price rise has been a common phenomenon across the USA. But the outcome of this is dichotomous – people who know stock market or who do remote work have benefited from it. Whereas the people who depend on renting their property or the ones working  on front lines were at disadvantage. For example, grocery stores, restaurants or hotels .

For homeownership affordability, the first-time buyers will have to take assistance from down payment programs. Throughout the nation there are 2500 down payment programs apart from federal loan programs which the first time home buyers can choose to take benefit from.  Working with a good real estate agent can help first-time home buyers as they can get properly guided about the down payment assistance programs suitable to them.