Which Renovations Are and Aren’t DIY

Which Renovations Are and Aren’t

A new survey reveals
renovation projects home owners are most comfortable doing themselves
and those they want a pro to handle.

4 Poor Decor Choices New Home Owners

They’re understandably
excited to make the place their own, but advise your clients on how to
avoid going overboard with decorating concepts or placing furniture in
the wrong configurations.

Expect Construction to Take Strides This

new-home starts should bring relief to the sales market this year,
according to the National Association of Home Builders.

The Most Unsafe Passwords to

It’s your job to protect your
clients’ personal information. The first line of defense is having
strong passwords that can hold up against security threats. Do yours
make the cut?

Buyers Want a Playroom for the

Millennial buyers in
particular “want everyone to have a private space of their own to
decompress under one roof,” real estate agents are

Stock Sell-Off Sends Mortgage Applications

Global stock markets plummeted last
week, but that didn’t slow down the U.S. mortgage

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