6 simple tips for home makeover

6 simple tips for home makeover
Utilize your creative ideas to give your home an easy but effective makeover. These simple ideas can range from setting up of a centerpiece in a living room to using artwork for decorating entrance. Let’s provide you access to six simple yet quirky tips for home makeover.

Entrance decoration Using plants- Plants like Ficus or Dragon Tree are tall and they can enhance the beauty of your entrance. That’s why they top the list of the ideal plants for entrance decoration. Vase with fresh flowers is another choice for leaving a stunning and natural vibe right at the entry space. Using artwork- Welcoming your guests with artwork such as canvas paintings or framed photographs go a long way as a gesture to them.

Bedroom renovation For a perfect getaway decors themed around global accents will beautify your bedroom by a great margin. Buy new pillows and duvet covers for the best renovation you can treat yourself with. Play with patterns for adding a unique contrast between headboard and wall color. A different headboard color can introduce a different palette to your bedroom, so change it with a coat of a new paint.

Lighting renovation for living room Living room décor gives a style statement of your entire home. Lighting always is highlight of the décor, so it’s very important to choose the right lighting style. A simple way to refresh your living room is installing a statement pendant over the center table. You can have dimmer switch for controlling the brightness. Another idea we can implement is to highlight the best features using beautiful candles and lamps.

Using an area rug An area rug can shape up the ambience and vibe of a room with its look. They can be used for small spaces to cover most of the area and in larger spaces placing them in middle can add warmth. Rugs can come with various attractive designs and they can effectively alter the look of a space.

Kitchen décor Use beautiful colors to light up your kitchen. Using bright stools, kitchen arts and colorful dishes in open shelves add a color splash. For classic vision use copper pans, it will help in overcoming mundaneness of your kitchen. So don’t shy away from displaying them.

Dining room overhaul A centerpiece spruces up a dining room with its color. We all know that candle holders and a vase of fresh flowers can change the look of a dining room. So go ahead and use them. You can play with the seating styles through mix and match. Round table gives you freedom with chairs of different styles and rectangular one lets you play with bench-chair combination.