Four eye catching colors for small bedroom walls

Four eye catching colors for small bedroom walls
Some demographic segments have started losing interest in having a large house with big yards in the suburbs. The millennials have a different taste when compared to their parents. This makes them prefer urban areas where residential space is somewhat small in general. With less spacious houses and apartments come smaller bedrooms. That's why having eye catching wall colors for your bedroom will provide you serene space with a better feel compensating for otherwise smaller space. Let’s list and explain four eye catching colors to renovate your small bedrooms:

Neutral palette Having a neutral palette of off-whites will not only come across as soothing but it will open up your small bedroom along with brightening it. Set the base by using beige and tones of cream to vary the colors. Natural elements and textured fabrics will give depth within the color scheme and make the otherwise-colorless space interesting. If you want, you may insert pops of your favorite color for added visual appeal throughout the space.

Shade of greens Use shade of greens for your bedroom walls if you want a touch of Nature in your bedroom. Reflective, crisp and bright shades of greens are the best among many shades available if you miss having a yard. Such shades are spirit elevating. Adding accents and arts in your room will require you to choose terracotta, cream or brown shades for keeping the color theme natural.

Mediterranean blue For a soothing sleeping ambience, Deep Mediterranean blue works. The ceiling has to be white when the blue molds into the carpet from the walls. This color can be reiterated as a part of pattern or as a main color in the fabrics used for room décor. If you use this color in such a way, the walls do not take the center stage but tend to fade into the background – a space is created which looks like having no end and no beginning i.e. a unified space.

Dark Brown If you want to warm up your small bedroom space, don’t hesitate in choosing dark colors if you like them. A smooth coat of dark shade of brown color like coffee bean or espresso color can be applied with a texture like suede finish – this will add interest in the walls. In the fabrics, arts and accents using tones of beige, pale blue and cream will give a sophisticated look.