Problems in a bathroom which can remain unnoticed on a video

Problems in a bathroom which can remain unnoticed on a video
Glossing over a bathroom before a home tour to mask its shortcomings can be easily done, doing so for a virtual or video tour is even easier. In the age of the coronavirus glossing over of a bathroom prior to a video tour can put a buyer in disadvantage. Being a part of house with smaller space can make it difficult to notice smaller components of a bathroom. One may think vanity, shower and toilet are the only components to check, but the purely functional purpose of bathroom makes it even more imperative to not rush through in a tour but pay utmost attention to each part.

If you have a good real estate agent working with you he/she will make it easy for you to scope out problem areas in a bathroom, but if you can ask your agent to inspect for a few problem areas, it will make the task much easier for both you and your agent. Let’s go through some problems in the bathroom which can remain unnoticed on a video.

 Odors from room fresheners While on a video tour of your bathroom make sure your agent look out for an odor peculiar to room freshener – it’s good to have nice ambient smell in the bathroom but it might also be used for covering up the problems with mold or plumbing. Ignoring problems in such areas can prove costly later.

Absence of bathroom vent fan Just imagine you wanted to expel the steam from your bathroom and you came to know right then that there is no bathroom vent fan; a rude surprise it would turn out to be. So it’s very important that during a tour you ensure that the vent fan is there in the bathroom.

Poor lighting It goes without saying that the lighting system is a very important component of each and every part of one’s home, including bathroom. On a video tour you would not be present there in the bathroom in person, so judging the quality of lighting will be too difficult; hence ask your agent to switch on the lights and see for yourself. Later on you can discuss with your agent whether the quality of lighting is good enough or not.

Lack of privacy On a video tour of your bathroom, this aspect does go unnoticed. Windows are a very important part of your bathroom apart from providing natural light it reduces the claustrophobic effect of the small space in the bathroom. Ensure that the window is not compromising your privacy. No one wants to be in a bathroom where people from outside can see what you are doing in there. Have your agent let you see out of the window, through the view you can check that whether the privacy is compromised by the window or not.