5 hacks for boosting curb appeal in a day

5 hacks for boosting curb appeal in a day
An impeccable first impression of your home not only helps in its marketing but it also gives a welcoming vibe to the interested buyers. The task of boosting curb appeal is usually a time taking process. But sometimes it doesn’t have to be time consuming and heavy on your pocket if we follow the five hacks we will mention ahead. We can make a big difference with some “smart work” in just one day. Let’s list and explain those five hacks.

1. First and foremost task you must undertake is thorough cleaning up of walls & ceiling, door, front porch and windows. It will be a great head start for you curb appeal boosting task.

2. In case the cleaning up of your door doesn’t enhance its visual appeal, then you must get it painted. The color you choose for painting your door must compliment the color of your house. This will be a welcoming sight for the casual as well as interested visitors.

3. Find and place a classy, beautiful and fitting doormat. It is a convenient and easy way of adding color to your curb. Ensure that the doormat and front door complement each other well.

4. If needed, you can find economical door hardware for installing them on your door to enhance its visual appeal. You can find such reasonably priced new door hardware if you shop carefully. Make sure that the new door hardware compliments your front door.

5. Placing colorful flowers on your porch and entry walkway appropriately enhances your curb appeal by a notch. If seasonal endurance and regular maintenance is an issue with keeping such flowering plants, then choose low maintenance plants.

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