A maintenance task you must not forget

A maintenance task you must not forget
Seasonal maintenance tasks are mostly never forgotten by homeowners, but an important task of dryer vent cleaning is often forgotten by them. It’s a simple task, but often forgotten. Forgetting this ‘simple’ task can lead to disastrous consequences like carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. Such serious problems occur on malfunctioning of ductwork of the vent. For averting such serious hazards, do get your dryer vent cleaned periodically. After every load, make sure to clean the lint trap and make a habit of cleaning up the entire system annually. Let’s have a look at the effective and easy procedure of cleaning up dryer vent.

  • 1. First step is to disconnect. Execute this entire task carefully. First thing you need to do is to disconnect the system from power source by unplugging, then detach the vent pipe from dryer by removing clamps. If you don’t have a gas dryer, proceed with separating the pipe from wall duct by simply pulling it away. If you have a gas dryer, then do this carefully, getting it done with assistance of a professional will be better for safety reasons.
  • 2. Second step is to thoroughly clean duct and vent with help of a vent cleaning kit. The brush in the kit can reach up to entire length of the duct which enables removal of debris. For your ease and convenience, doing this from outside of your home is better.
  • 3. Third step is to reassemble the entire system and use it as usual.