Avoid mover scams by adopting four effective steps

Avoid mover scams by adopting four effective steps
In the year 2019 about 10,132 moving fraud complaints were filed in US and Canada according to www.bbb.org. By being aware of common scams, you can avoid undesirable experiences.  By taking few self-protecting steps you can be saved from becoming a victim of such moving scams.

Take the quote in writing: Getting your move quickly through a quick quote and fixing the schedule on phone may seem tempting. Avoid such temptations; doing so will leave you susceptible for getting duped. Don’t do it no matter how good it may seem. Having nothing in writing will enable the movers to charge you an outrageous sum of money. Since they have your belongings they can extort ridiculous amounts from you by holding them hostage. Always get the agreed-to sum accurately quoted in writing after an in-house walkthrough.

Don’t skip reading the fine print entirely: Before you finally sign a contract with a mover, make sure you have read the fine print entirely. This way you will understand the terms of payment prior to signing the contract.  Corrupt movers are notorious for including such terms which allow them to seize your belongings after charging you more money. If you sign a contract without knowing it has such terms, you not only allow getting yourself scammed but the police will also be unable to help you.

Research the reputation of movers: Researching the reputation of a mover’s organization is imperative before you finally choose to work with them.  You can do so by getting in touch with Better Business Bureau, they will inform you about a moving company’s ratings. Take help from your friends, they can give you recommendations based on their own experiences. Demand proof of office address, insurance and registration from a moving company you have contacted. Give time for vetting the movers to be sure that you are working with the right people.

Be open to a hybrid approach: You can opt for hiring movers for loading and unloading only and consider renting and driving the truck yourself. By adopting such hybrid approach you will not only reduce the costs of the move but also keep your belongings under your possession which will prevent the chances of getting them hijacked altogether.

Moving to a new place of residence is a very important event in one’s life. By adopting the effective measures suggested above, you will be immune from getting scammed by unscrupulous movers.