Bathroom Problems Difficult to Notice in a Video Tour

Bathroom Problems Difficult to Notice in a Video Tour
After COVID-19 restrictions began, video tours became an essential part of the real estate business; therefore, it is important to point out a few things that can be missed while on a video tour. Here we discuss four bathroom problems difficult to notice in a video tour.

Small shower A small shower is an undesirable feature for a person who feels uneasy in small spaces or is tall. In a video tour, it is difficult to get the right sense of a shower’s size. Ask your agent to use a measuring tape during the tour. This will be helpful, as (s)he can confirm that the measurements work for you.

Strange location Having multiple bathrooms is advantageous, but only if they serve your lifestyle. The distance of the bathroom from the living area and kitchen must be known. Have your agent walk you through the areas leading to the bathrooms, while on a video tour. It’s also important to know how many bedrooms share one bathroom.

Lack of sufficient outlets No one will ever question the importance of outlets, but some older homes may lack them. Make sure to check for them during the video tour.

Faulty toilet The toilet is used several times per day, so it’s important that it be properly functioning. Ask your agent to check whether the toilet is firm and functioning properly. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future.