Can Remote Work Issues be compensated by On-Demand Office Spaces?

Can Remote Work Issues be compensated by On-Demand Office Spaces?
Due to safety risks caused by Covid-19 pandemic, people are doing remote work/work from home. If this norm continues even after the end of Covid-19 pandemic, a risk of a potential collapse of the market for office space market will arise.

Some organizations have decided to let their employees work permanently from home, while some are looking for hybrid options like mixing the days of work from office and remote work. Both these scenarios will cause the shrinkage of office footprints of many companies. It’s well known that the in-person workplaces play a key role in maintaining innovation, company culture, training and getting new employees on board.

At the times when employees will have to meet in person, on-demand office spaces may cater to the need. For giving access to numerous workspaces across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, a new monthly program Breather Passport was launched. It’s an office membership program which is only on-demand and entirely private for working teams in the businesses across 10 major markets. Passport is flexible and has a variety of designs to meet the business needs e.g. board meetings, compartmentalized spaces for social distancing, training programs, quiet spaces for enabling concentration and team meetings. These features make it convenient to bring employees together at private workspaces.

For start-ups a sustainable budget and improved flow of finances has become even more important in the current economic reality. Passport provides a cost-effective option for business continuity, collaboration and culture. It also saves on office expenditure which otherwise holds one of the biggest fractions of an organization’s expense.

Whiteboards and Wi-Fi connectivity are one of the main features in the fully furnished office spaces provided by Passport. They can house up to 50 people. Number of day-passes for each month can be selected by companies at a fixed monthly price. Companies can book spaces at a minimum fee of $225 per day through Breather’s app.

Remote work has its benefits but certain aspects of the office environment are irreplaceable. The actions of brainstorming and collaboration are some that cannot be replaced virtually. Therefore on-demand office spaces can help mitigate remote work related issues.