Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind

Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind
Stress and claustrophobia can seep in, if you let the things in your home pile up. Unwanted and unimportant things can very easily accumulate in your home before you know it, affecting your state of mind. To declutter your home and your mind, the first step is to relax and calm your mind; and then give yourself time to plan and execute the mission. Periodical decluttering will help maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your home. There are many ways to do this. Here we will shed light on some unconventional methods of maintaining a tidy environment, to keep your sanity intact.

Prioritize your stuff, before throwing it away Plan the decluttering process in two stages. In the first stage, get rid of the obvious unwanted stuff. Collect in a box the things that you are unsure about and store them in a safe and discreet place. Within the next 30 days, if you find something to be useful, take it out and put it back in your house. In the second stage, get rid of the entire box containing the unwanted and unused stuff after a month. This will help you overcome the psychological block of accidentally disposing off a “maybe useful” item, which has kept you from starting the declutter mission in the first place.

Declutter your computer memory Too many files occupying your computer’s memory space can make it function badly. Treat your computer just like you treat your house. A horribly slow and uncooperative computer can give you stress. You can opt for cheap VPS services to store a large number of important files to the cloud, to keep it decluttered.

Use robot vacuum to maintain floor cleanliness A robot vacuum is very useful for cleaning up your floor automatically, saving you time. Give it clear access to the floor, to let it do its work. Having a robo-vacuum buzzing around reminds us to keep things picked up, preventing unnecessary accumulation of stuff on the floor. Decluttering will enhance not only the visual appeal of your house, but also its value, by maintaining its sanctity. Plus, a harmonious environment helps declutter your mind. Adopt a methodical approach to keeping your home decluttered, without obsessing about it.