Factors affecting your home sale timeline

Factors affecting your home sale timeline
When it comes to the factors affecting your home sale timeline, a number of them come into play. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. When your house is located in a good location and neighborhood, it will not last for too long in the market. It will attract more interested buyers and it will have better chances of getting sold. Good location and neighborhood enhance the desirability of a home, making it more marketable.

2. More qualified buyers mean more chances of getting your home sold. A well performing economy and low rates of interests will give more qualified buyers to the market. Your home must be loan qualified first, if its maintenance is deferred and it has violated many codes, then it will not qualify due to negative appraisal. No deal cracked on your home sale means it will stay listed in the market longer.

3. A home which is in a move-in condition and not requiring too many updates and repairs will sell readily in the market. The prospective buyers will always opt for the homes which will need least amount of work on them.

4. A house which is listed at a reasonable and competitive price will sell faster. The prospective buyers are well informed about the value of properties in current real estate market. So do a thorough valuation of active listings and comparable sales. The home you are listing for buyers should give them good value for their expenditure; then only it will generate interest in them.

5. If you are well informed about trending housing market and the current demand and supply of housing inventory, your home sale timeline will get influenced positively.

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