Five tips for getting a modern look through wood furniture decoration

Five tips for getting a modern look through wood furniture decoration
When you think of home decoration with help of wooden furniture, a tricky dilemma may be there, but the dining spaces, living areas and bedrooms get enriched by such furniture. When decorating with wooden furniture, balance holds the key. Through right mix of colors, textures and styles you can strike an appropriate balance. Let’s have a look at five tips to effectively get the modern look through wood furniture decoration.

Employ new ways for decorating with old wood furniture By thinking further than its original purpose, you can find creative ways with wooden furniture décor. You can take an example of wood night stands, which can be used in two different ways; as drop-zone in a small entryway or as a side table in the living room. Just ensure that the height with the surrounding furniture doesn’t become an issue.

By styling with other vintage pieces By styling with vintage finds you can lean into an antique look. For example, you can place mid-century chairs around a retrieved wooden dining table. You have the creative freedom of experimenting by mixing wood furniture from different periods and in various flairs.

Use deep colors for taking on dark wood furniture Use light colors for staining dark wood furniture in an entirely white room; otherwise the furniture will look out of sync with the room’s vibe. For avoiding an exaggeratedly melancholy look, small doses of white work brilliantly.

Go for blending of wood furnishings of different tones Use natural materials and neutral paint colors for a combined scheme. Similar undertone of accent pieces can help you in deciding to choose the mix of wood furniture for decoration. You will find dark brown, yellow, blue grey, red and orange undertones in wood finishes in general.   It doesn’t matter whether the finish is darker or lighter, similarity in the undertones play a key role in blending the wood furnishings of different tones.

Use painted pieces for pairing with wood furniture You have to be careful with decorating your bedroom with dark wood furniture. You must not use wood pieces with dark finishes in excess, as it will make your bedroom feel heavy and congested. Get rid of the unwanted wooden pieces if your bedroom is overcrowded with them; let the best one stay inside. You can either rearrange those additional wood furniture pieces in other rooms or give them to somebody. Furthermore, choose metallic or painted finishes for rest of the furniture pieces of bedroom to balance the dark wood.