Follow these useful tips for painting your house

Follow these useful tips for painting your house
One of the ways to give a nice facelift to your home is through a great coat of paint. It will make a world of difference in changing the vibe of your home for better. Let’s list and explain some useful tips suggested by pros for painting your house.

Go for quality Always go for quality when choosing brushes and paints. A good quality paint and brush will ensure that the wall area is covered using lesser amount of paint. The finish which good quality paint gives will always be better than a substandard one. Ensure that you have sufficient quantity of paint available with you.

Coat your wall with primer first Always make sure that a coat of primer is applied on the wall before covering it with paint.  This way the paint will look better, last long and the overall job will be cost effective.

Test the colors Always test the colors first. Apply paint on an area of a wall and check its contrast with furnishings in various lights within the room.

Prepare the wall Use a bulb to inspect the wall for any blemishes remaining after the wall is prepared by scraping/sanding and cleaning. This way the remaining blemishes can be removed. The remaining blemishes cast their shadow when the light bulb is moved closely over an area of the wall.

Use gloss for smoothness A flat paint is best for covering an inconsistent area of a wall. Use higher-gloss varieties for resisting dirt and mildew.

Mix in white or cream paint for obtaining trim color You can obtain harmonious trim color by mixing some of the wall color into white or cream paint. You may vary the proportion of trim for attaining a contrast you like.