Four tips to give “green” decoration to your walls

Four tips to give “green” decoration to your walls
Be it an apartment or a single family house, the empty wall on the exterior of your home can always be decorated to make it more interesting. Whenever you add plants to such blank walls, the scenic value will be enhanced, but a touch of nature will also add  freshness. We will be taking you through four tips to give a “green” decoration to your walls.

Invest in an eye-catching trellising Your home’s exterior will get enhanced if you add a beautiful trellising. All you have to do is choose a trellising that blends well with the wall and plant some beautiful trees to keep it fresh and enhanced throughout the year. The trellis can be covered with climbing plant; either flowering vine or evergreen climber.

Use potted plants and a vine in pair Such a combination is ideal for garden sheds, side garage or entryways because it can add interest at various spots.

Make a small vertical garden Like wall art, break your exterior wall up by tucking the vertical gardens in small nooks by using multiple frames of them. You can mount them separately at different spots or hang multiple (three ideally) frames on a wall outside.

Decorative metal panels and leafy greens can be used in combination You can give a bold garden statement by using decorative metal panels (with geometric patterns) and leafy green plants in combination.