How to Choose a Paint Color for a Spring Makeover

How to Choose a Paint Color for a Spring Makeover
Spring is approaching, which means it’s time to do some spring cleaning and makeovers. Painting is one of the cheapest and most efficient methods to alter your décor; but what hue should it be? Paint colors, like fashion fads, come and go in popularity. And the majority of us want to be fashionable.

Why not take a look at what’s new in the worlds of interior design, furniture and fashion? Look for signs about the next color trends on the runways of Paris, Milan and New York. Also, take a look at design publications and journals; several of them have color trend stories.

Color is all about business for manufacturers and marketers. Since its founding in 1962, Color Marketing Group® (CMG)—a nonprofit organization of color design professionals—has been instrumental in shaping new color palettes.

CMG chooses what’s fresh in color and design, after extensive (and expensive) study. When CMG talks, producers of nearly every product imaginable—even paint—pay attention. As a consequence, you’ll have fresh colors on your walls, your toaster, your bathroom towels and even your automobile.

So how’s your spring makeover going? Bold hues are often in style; you can opt for them, if you don’t wish to put too much of your time into brainstorming about which color scheme to choose. Many paint firms have toned down their palettes in recent years, encouraging color conscious consumers to reserve “bold” color for accent walls.

Warmer neutrals are still popular, which is good news for the rest of us. One suggestion: Choose a hue that makes you feel at ease and cheerful. It’ll be well worth your time to tidy up.

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