How to Compensate for the Lack of Space in a Small Kitchen

How to Compensate for the Lack of Space in a Small Kitchen
You may need to get creative to add a style quotient to your small kitchen. A lack of space may make your kitchen seem lackluster, but that can be compensated for by adding bold elements.

You can remove upper cabinets to create more space. Organizing your kitchen and paring down the appliances can also help. Using open shelving overhead can make the space appear less cramped.

Use of colorful and creative lighting can add to the visual appeal of a small kitchen. Incorporating various types of lighting sources will help direct light to the cabinetry, providing more visual movement.

Integrating glass within the kitchen space makes it appear more spacious; consider it for the kitchen table, a glass front cabinet and other elements. If your kitchen has a door, you can install a glass one; your kitchen will appear less divided from rest of your home. If your kitchen is connected to the main living area via a pass-through window, keeping it open will visually open up the space. Mirrored accessories and mosaics make a scenic backsplash, creating a visual of added space and giving a lustrous appeal to your kitchen.

Your upgraded small kitchen can become an interesting spot for a tranquil coffee conversation or an intimate dinner. So embrace your small kitchen. Add elements to highlight its scenic value and make it an attractive spot.