Importance of Pest Control Prior to Listing

Importance of Pest Control Prior to Listing
It is best to leave no stone unturned before finally listing your home for sale. An agent creates a to do list before marketing your home; this will protect a home seller from the unforeseen happenings which can spoil the chances of smooth home sale as the preventative maintenance of your home (if needed) is ensured this way. A key task mentioned in that list will be to get a pest inspection done professionally; having hidden pests found later will be disastrous for you as a home seller.

For a nominal fee a pest inspector who is also state licensed will go through each nook and corner of your home to check the presence of any pests or damage caused by them. Some beetles and termites are the biggest damage inflictors to the wooden structure in your house and the water leakage worsens the damage by causing rot in them.  After the inspection is complete a report with recommended remedies will be given, the report may provide the cost estimates for the remedial tasks; proceeding with those tasks is up to the home seller’s choosing.

It’s always best to have such information prior to proceeding with your home selling endeavors as you get clarity on pest report before a selling price is agreed upon. It will also play a big role in avoiding closing delays as a clear report will play a key role in your buyer’s loan approval.

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