Is moving into a single-story home beneficial in today’s time?

Is moving into a single-story home beneficial in today’s time?
The question, ‘what to do with the extra space in your home after your children will leave the nest?’ will cross your mind someday. Once that happens you may realize that the extra space available in your home is not really needed and you may want to downsize your home. You may sell your house and consider opting for a single story home instead. Looking at the real estate market right now, the equity you will get by selling your home amid the high demand may turn out to be one of the wisest moves you will ever make. Such a move in today’s time can play a key role in fulfilling your retirement goals.

The short supply of houses leaves many senior citizens who wish to sell their house in the dilemma of whether they will be able to find a new suitable home or not. The construction of single-story 1-family houses is growing these days; this way the odds of finding a right home able to fulfil your changed needs can be bettered. Comparing the data of the years 2018 and 2019, there was a rise of 1% in the share of newly built single story homes (from 47% to 48%). And the trend is still upward.

Apart from downsizing, there are a few more advantages of scoring a single story home, lets list and explain them.

1. Less energy needed A single story home needs lesser units of energy for regulating temperature of a house when compared to a multi-story house. One temperature regulating unit is sufficient enough for a single story house and the desired temperature is maintained indoors for longer period also – substantial units of energy are saved this way.

2. Ease of maintenance In a single story home a general cleaning task is less tedious to perform. The areas are easy to cover and the accessibility is also not very difficult. As you can see most of the areas of the house, it’s very less likely that some of it may get left out. Such an ease of upkeep betters the home value.

3. Wide range of accessibility Anyone can access a single story home; doesn’t matter of what age bracket. From kids to senior citizens, a single story home can provide an optimally safe, secure and easily accessible home environment. 4. Resale value Whenever you buy a house, its resale value must always be kept in consideration, because you never know when you may come across a situation where you would want to sell it. Along with a home’s reselling potential, do check its area’s growth rate. A positive growth rate of the area of a home along with high demand for such single story houses ensures a significant rise in overall value.

In case you have plans of downsizing into a single story home, now is the time to make a move of selling your existing house and buying a new single story home. The current dynamics of real estate market along with record low interest rates make the conditions conducive for making such a move. So go ahead and take assistance from your real estate agent.

Happy house hunting!!!!!