Make your bathroom more valuable by using lighting

Make your bathroom more valuable by using lighting
You can add value to your home by giving a facelift to its bathroom through lighting. Lighting must not be done excessively; it will ruin the overall visual appeal.  Always know the fact that the proper illumination in your bathroom will happen only when you layer the light sources appropriately. Let’s shed some light on the guidelines to follow for giving a proper lighting facelift to your bathroom.

1. Choose an overhead fixture for general lighting in your bathroom for installing cove and recessed lighting.

2. When you use recessed lighting in the shower area, you will be surprised how much easier shampooing and shaving becomes.

3. Use recessed fixtures for your tub area where general lighting is needed. Arrange the lighting in such a way that the beam will fall beyond the edges of your bathtub to avoid glare.

4. Install lights on both the sides of your mirror so that shadow is not cast on your face while looking in the mirror (in the vanity area). Use frosted or coated light bulbs for glare reduction and clear viewing of your facial features. You may use wall scones or vertical strip fixtures for good vanity lighting.

5. Illuminate the floor by linear lighting systems by placing them in the toe space. They should be installed below the cabinets and vanity.

6. Let the light from the windows enter; don’t make the mistake of blocking it. It will be a supplementary light source inside the bathroom.

7. Get the approval for use of fixtures in the wet areas.