Make Your Coffee Table Look Interesting

Make Your Coffee Table Look Interesting
A coffee table is not just for keeping coffee mugs on. Its utility can be versatile. You may be surprised that it can be a highlight of your living room. Whether you keep it minimal or stack it with items in an organized manner, you have numerous options at your disposal. Here’s a little inspiration for styling your coffee table.

Play with heights It’s not just the texture, but the variety in heights that can play a role in restyling your coffee table. Whether stacking your favorite books beside a candelabra or mounting a vase of fresh flowers on it, you have freedom to get creative, using whatever you have.

Be unconventional Use big, sculptural cylinders that are convenient to move around, instead of a big coffee table. They can be decorated with books or colorful accents, like flower vases. Whatever you feel can be kept on the base to enhance its scenic appeal, use that and experiment with your creative quotient.

Try a small coffee table With a small coffee table, adding one or two items is more than sufficient to augment its visual appeal.

Make it storage for floor cushions How about a cozy seating experience around the coffee table? Use floor cushions. Arrange them around your coffee table, and make this creative setup a feature of your living room.

Add some “green” life You can always decorate your coffee table with a small bonsai or a succulent plant vase. It will add some freshness.

Stack decorative items You have a plethora of options to use for stacking on your coffee table, which also serves to organize clutter. You may use decorative items, like boxes, books, artwork, bowls and a vase of flowers, or a matching combination of some of them. Just ensure that the arrangement you make looks pleasing to the eyes, rather than messy.

Use a tray for big tables If your coffee table has an extra large surface area, the simplest way to break it up is by decorating the table with a beautiful tray.