Real estate industry and use of drones

Real estate industry and use of drones
Technology is constantly evolving and the same is true with computer technology-one example that we are seeing in the real estate industry is the use of drones. Drones have brought a revolution in mapping and marketing of properties.

Manned aerial flyovers e.g., google earth are now being replaced by drone mapping. This option provides imagery updates at high resolution with lower costs.

For creating an updated, accurate and high resolution aerial base-map orthomosiac can be used in GIS. Drones are very good at assisting in creating orthomosiacs by providing multiple images which later can be combined and georeferenced.

Drone imagery can be used as a base on which various data like topographic contours, boundary lines or trails can be laid for mapping.  If needed, drone mapping can help in collecting informative data and then plotting can be done according to the requirements of realtor. For example, mapping a flood prone area with help of drones can help in avoiding the error of building properties there.

Drone mapping helps in bettering marketing efforts and allowing buyers to make more informed decisions, but in some properties it’s not an ideal option. Processing images of the properties too large or situated in densely vegetated areas will get delayed or cost more.

Even the buyers who have not walked the property in person can be shown its live video through drone. It is a great way of giving a virtual tour of a home to interested buyers.

If your property is close to a restricted air space or an airport, it’s prudent to coordinate with the airport before your drone flight. Always make sure that you plan your drone flights in advance.

Through usage of modern drone technology, the property deals can be brought to closure faster than usual. A myriad of benefits can be enjoyed by using drone technology if you are a realtor, so add this as a supplementary application in your repertoire.