Why new homes are being given preference over pre-owned ones

Why new homes are being given preference over pre-owned ones
Activity in the real estate market is hot despite the pandemic situation and in the coming months it is anticipated that more homes will be built-more over each year we will see an increase of new subdivisions. The lower inventory along with high demand of homes causes shortage in the number of choices available in the market, which can again lead to building of newer homes. Buying a newly constructed home becomes more attractive in such a situation. Let us list and explain why the new homes are being given preference over pre-owned ones.

You become free to own a home designed exclusively by you Having the luxury of designing your home as per your preference is not just a big relief but an exciting prospect. Instead of settling with someone else’s design and architecture style, you can make your home moulded into your own taste and style. What is even better is that with help of a good realtor, your scope for choosing the design of your liking widens even more due to their guidance.

You can create a floor plan suitable for you You may prefer an open floor plan or separated rooms. Whichever floor plan you prefer, you can implement that in your construction from the beginning instead of bearing the pain of making changes later.

A newly constructed home is more energy efficient When we look at the span of the past 5 years, we see that the designs of the homes have gradually evolved to be more energy efficient. Whether through design or through the use of more energy efficient appliances, the energy saved in the newly constructed homes will save you some money in the long run.

Brand new home is low in maintenance and with warranty it becomes even better for the buyer When you own a brand new home, you don’t have to worry too much about its life expectancy. Make sure that all the components of your brand new home are under warranty; this will save you from a lot of stress. A brand new home with new technology and newly made components will hardly need repair and maintenance work early. Your weekends will have fewer ‘to do’ list for a long time.

Better comfort and better quality of air The state of the art systems in modern constructions are way more advanced when compared to the houses constructed a decade ago. The onus has specifically been given more to providing the residents with better comfort and air quality. The air conditioning and heating systems are way better now. The construction under new building code ensures such improved facilities for you.

Improved standards of safety The newer building codes paired with latest technology ensures that the safety standards in your home are better. You have safety components with better efficacy which you find in newly built homes. A brand new home which is built according to your taste, liking and standards you want will always give you a special feeling of achievement and contentment. You will not have to worry about figuring out what to upgrade and what to remove from a pre-owned home bought by you when your home is newly constructed.