Your guide for making your home to get a light and airy feel

Your guide for making your home to get a light and airy feel
Natural light has many advantages, it is good for your state of mind, but do you know that it can make your home appear more spacious, light and airy by brightening up the corners which would otherwise remain dark. Whether you are preparing for a home sale project or you want to enhance your residential space, enhancing your wattage with the tried and tested tips of experienced designers will always help you. Let’s discuss the tips for enhance your home's light and airy feel.

Light colored paints For effective and economical way of lightening up your home, paint is one way. Choose light colors as they would reflect the light and brighten up the inner space. Light quotient of your woodwork will get enhanced with painting it with cream or white color.

Using mirrors Hanging a mirror against a window is one of the very effective ways of making the most of the natural light that enters your home. Just ensure that use of mirrors is not overdone. This will make your space look more airy and light.

Plantation shutters/light colored gauzy curtains The airy look can get enhanced by using plantation shutters also. Tip the louvered blinds for letting the sunlight enter the room. If you use lighter-colored fabrics for slipcovering your furniture, it will give an added advantage here.

Skylight Skylight can be added to your dark room if you are willing to go as far as making a structural change. It can be a very effective enhancement.

Energy efficient lighting system If you are residing in an open house, you can tackle the issue of harsh shadows caused by sunlight and brighten up the dark corners by turning on indoor lights during the day. If you choose this way then you must ensure that the indoor lighting system is energy efficient.