Average Home Seller Profits in 2021 Around $94K

Average Home Seller Profits in 2021 Around $94K
Year 2021 was a beneficial year for an average home seller. Home sellers in 2021 were perhaps surprised at how much money they made when they sold their properties. According to ATTOM Analytics Solutions, a real estate data provider, profit on a median transaction in 2021 was $94,092 globally, 71% more than from two years before.

Based on median buy and resale prices, home seller earnings increased in more than 90% of the housing areas studied, the greatest level since 2008.

According to ATTOM Data Solutions’ “Year-End 2021 U.S. Home Sales Report,” the $94,092 profit on a median priced home sale in 2021 was a 45.3% return on investment (ROI), compared to the initial purchase cost.

Last year, when buyers flooded the market, median house prices increased by double digits. The pandemic has prompted a desire to shift living conditions, which has been fueled by record low loan rates.

2021 was a beneficial year for home sellers and the housing market in the United States. Prices soared, propelling revenues and profit margins to levels not seen in at least a decade. All of this occurred as the viral pandemic raged on, which aided, rather than hindered, the rises.

Households that were able to avoid losing their jobs due to the pandemic raced to the property market, resulting in a market boom. Without a doubt there are signals that the boom may stall this year; however, 2021 will be remembered as one of the best years for selling and one of the most difficult for home buyers.