Dismal market isn’t deterring first-time buyers

Dismal market isn’t deterring first-time buyers
The rising property market makes it harder for first-time home buyers to outbid the competitors in a price war. However, would-be first-time home purchasers are not giving up.

According to Chase Home Lending's newest First-Time Homebuyer research, just a quarter of potential first-time buyers indicated they were "very sure" that they would be financially able to buy a home in the first half of 2021. However, the bulk of these would-be purchasers are still working to get their finances in order so that they can buy as soon as an opportunity arises.

77% have said that they are actively saving for a down payment; more than half said they planned to check into down payment research programs; and 66% said they had set up a monthly budget and were trying to better their credit score. Seven out of ten people stated that they are changing their lifestyle to be able to finance a relocation in the near future.

Consumers are still ready to purchase, even though bidding wars have become the norm and home prices have risen fast. After all, according to the poll, 69% of potential first-time buyers believe that homeownership is still a vital element of generating wealth.

About 1,100 people who said they were seeking to buy their first house were polled by Chase Home Lending. However, when they are ultimately able to purchase, it will come down to the financing options accessible to them. Almost 60% of participants reported that they were rethinking how to finance their first house, which would have a big impact on when and if they could purchase.