Three home design trends that are fading now

Three home design trends that are fading now
The way homes have been used in recent years has gone through dramatic change. Designs which were popular before 2020 are losing their appeal. For example, more privacy is favored by the home owners, which is leading to lessening popularity of open layout. Let’s list and explain three home design trends which are fading now.

Open layout Open layout is one home design which seems to fading. After the onset of pandemic, more people are staying back at home increasing the demand of more privacy. For that more walls are wanted by the residents now. For dividing space within a home, compartmentalization or increasing the number of rooms is required to meet the requirement of making a workplace and relaxation spot within a home. Since people need a home to play multiple roles within the space it has. So the rooms are being divided and open layouts are being given up on.

Exposed shelfs Once the exposed shelfs were popular among many home owners for storage, but nowadays people are reluctant to expose too many of their items in open through open shelving system. So the people want to have their items stored in an organized way and not out there in open. People nowadays are replacing open shelving system with furniture having closed storage facility. Hence this home design is for sure fading away.

Universal designs More regional and place based designs are being preferred nowadays. This may cause the homes to lose some of the universality of their design scheme. More unique and memorable designs are being preferred by the homeowners now – that’s why experimenting by mixing and matching of colors is in fashion now.